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Retail Slut
7308 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046
Tel: 323.934.1339



First Storefront 

Taime Downe


Patrick Mata

Bruce Moreland

Eric Griffin

Current Storefront


The shopping district of Melrose Avenue became known as an underground rock and artist district throughout the '80s, marked by stores such as Poseur, Vinyl Fetish, Soap Plant and Flip. Retail Slut opened in 1983 as one of the first shops to bring punk and gothic styles to Melrose. Founded by Helen Bed at its first location at 7517 Melrose, the store’s inventory started as consignment only and grew to include imported British clothing and breaking local designer labels such as Lip Service, Johnny Suede, Serious, Shrine. Retail Slut not only sold clothing to music scenesters, it created a sense of community by selling tickets to local club events, creating items such as "The Boys of Retail Slut Calendars" and hosting gothic beauty pageants.

The store was taken over by Peter Thomas in the early '90s who later forged the Retail Slut clothing line out of items manufactured exclusively for Retail Slut by Quasi Glam and Viva Rebecca. The line was greatly increased with designs by Dina D'Argo and Carolyn Vega. Since 1998, the signature line has been further expanded and produced solely by resident international fetish model, Yolanda, who studied fashion design in London.

Throughout the comings and goings of various music movements, Retail Slut has remained a constant. The store has occupied four different addresses along the avenue. Currently, the Slut crew resides at 7308 Melrose and remains true to its mission of being thee place rock stars, stylists and wannabes shop for the coolest looks in town.

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 The Slut also likes to boast about a few of the celebrities who have shopped and worked behind the counter.

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Check out who has worked as a Slut Slave:

Andi Beltramo-Shay
Bruce Moreland
(Wall of Voodoo)
Charlie "Farquar" Overbee
(Custom Made Scare/Deadbolt)
(Motorcycle Boy)
Eric Griffin
Eva O
(Christian Death)
Gitane Demone
(Christian Death)
Humphrey Cobb

Kina Cuchina
(Miss Exotic World)
Kit Ashley
(Big Bang Babies)
Leelee Sobieski
Molly Brenner
Morag McPherson
Patrick Mata
(Kommunity FK)
Paul Black
(LA Guns/ Black Cherry)
Porno Mark
Rozz Williams
(Christian Death)
Stephanie Mata
Taime Downe
(Faster Pussycat/ Newlydeads)
(Fear Cult)
Tommy Chiffon

Trisha, Jeff, Erin, Charlene, Dawn, Webmistress K.

The Slut is owned and managed by Peter Thomas. So don't fuck with him or he will kick your ass!